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You went to school and studied hard to become an amazing clinician, but no one taught you how to run your own practice. Peds-A-Palooza Community and Conferences is dedicated to your success as a pediatric private practice owner. Here, you have found a community to support, encourage and guide you as a private practice owner so that you no longer have to do this alone!

Even though you’re working in one of the most valuable professions in the world, it’s also one of the most undersupported. That ends now!

Join our free community, ask questions and find out about solutions to make your important endeavor easier so you can do what you do best… Help more kiddos, serve your communities and give relief to more parents. 

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A Message from Nancy Mura, Founder of Peds-A-Palooza Community and Conferences

Yes, you are in the right spot! You have found the community that’s dedicated to your support! Once you join us in Peds-A-Palooza, you’re a Paloozie!

I’ve never seen a profession as worthy of support as yours. You are on the front line of an entire generation! I am an entrepreneur and I know how much work it takes to keep any business going. That’s why I love seeing our Paloozies grow! It’s truly an honor and a privilege to support you.

As a community member, I invite you to participate any way you like. Jump in big or take it a little at a time. Ask questions, offer answers to other people’s questions and definitely tune in for our free webinars. We also have amazing management conferences a few times a year and that’s where you can really learn to blow the doors off your practice.

My promise to your profession is stability, expansion and the preservation of private practice. Start your expansion now by engaging with the Peds-A-Palooza community.


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