Filling Your Pediatric Practice Schedule From 10 AM to 2 PM

I always tell my colleagues that their target in whatever marketing they do needs to be children under the age of six. I specify six because it seems that many children do not go to kindergarten until they’re six now. I think this is especially true for little boys. 

This recommendation on your marketing is based on my experience. You’re probably already getting plenty of school-age kids in your practice, scheduled for after-school hours. Filling your schedule between 10 AM and 2 PM requires knowing the most common reasons parents of younger children seek therapy. Then you market to those parents and fill those daytime hours. 

Marketing to Prospects for Preschool or School Readiness

You don’t need to target handwriting in your marketing to get these younger kids. You need to target things like preschool readiness. Build a concern in parents’ minds about their children’s readiness for preschool. Create a landing page with lots of information about how and why a child needs your help to prepare for preschool or school. Show them you’re the expert because of all the information on your landing page. Then promote that landing page.

You should also have a kindergarten readiness landing page. Create many social media posts—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok—on this topic. Ask parents, “Is your child ready for kindergarten? Is your child ready for preschool? We can help.”

I’m not a big fear monger, however, creating doubt and curiosity and a little bit of fear brings parents to your door so you can solve their problems and make them feel better. Any time you’re taking photos or videos of kids in treatment, feature children who are clearly under the age of six. Go for three- or four-year-olds or even younger babies.

Attracting Infants with Torticollis

When a child has torticollis, parents will make therapy a priority. I don’t encourage parents to research torticollis on the internet because if they do, they get very anxious. They will schedule appointments at any time of day you offer them.

You should definitely create a torticollis landing page for your practice. Feature pictures of babies with or without helmets all over your social media and your website.

Attracting Toe-Walking Patients, Picky Eaters and Others

Other good prospects for 10 AM to 2 PM scheduling are toe walkers, most of whom begin their therapy at a preschool age. That’s when this problem begins to be identified. They might continue therapy into school-age.

Picky eaters are another good group to target. Usually, picky eating is identified by the family before the child turns six. Or it might not be identified until the child starts having sleepovers at an older age. When the child refuses to eat anything outside of their usual limited diet, this forces the parents to get help for the child. Make sure your website includes images of young picky eaters. 

On your website and in your social media posts, also educate parents about tummy time. Tell them that they should not be positioning babies in seating devices for long periods. Explain why babies need tummy time. 

Fill That Schedule, Even if Parents Work During the Day

These marketing angles will attract families with kids who have these needs and are under the age of six. Chances are good that these families can fill up your appointments between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Many of your kids are going to have working parents. That can make it difficult for the child to make it to their therapy appointments. If they are in daycare, maybe a grandmother, aunt or other family member can bring them to therapy. If not, a college student with a flexible schedule might be able to be hired for this task. 

Not all parents can think creatively enough to overcome difficulties in getting the child to therapy appointments. Help them problem-solve. Make suggestions. You are just there to support working parents, make their life easier and get the child to therapy on a consistent basis.

More Tips on How to Be a Successful Private Practice Owner

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About Diane Crecelius

Diane Crecelius is a physical therapist and founder of a multi-million-dollar, multi-location practice with well over 3,000 visits per week and 200 staff! In the past several years, Diane has worked tirelessly to support the Peds-A-Palooza group and the success of Private Practice Owners. Diane has presented at nearly every Peds-A-Palooza live and virtual conference since the first sold-out conference in 2018. Her extensive knowledge derives from her decades in practice and from being trained and consulted by Survival Strategies, Inc. She uses this training to help Private Practice Owners learn how to thrive and expand while keeping their stress low.