Should You Treat Patients or Run Your Practice?

If you ever wake up saying, “I’m exhausted,” then it might be time to decide if you’re going to focus on treating patients or running your practice. 

I became a therapist because I wanted to help people, and I did that. I filled my schedule with so many people and I helped them. Then I became a private practice owner. At that point, I had to make a choice: Was I going to just help people or was I going to run my practice? 

Making this transition starts with evaluating the amount of time you’re spending in treatment. Could you delegate the care of some of those children to your great therapists? You’ve trained them and know they’ll provide good care.

The Benefit of Setting Aside a Few Hours to Run Your Practice

When you can spend some time creating, setting goals, and running your practice, that will, in the long run, help more people. Carve out a few hours in your week by having one of your amazing staff members treat some of your patients, and you thereby open up some time for the administration of your practice. 

You can pay someone else to run your practice, but nobody is going to have the heart and the drive to do it quite like you. You’re also going to have to spend time telling them exactly how you want the practice run. 

I suggest you carve out two, three or four hours each week to start running your practice. Each week it’ll get a little easier to dedicate that time to running your business.

Give Yourself This Gift of Freedom as a Private Practice Owner

You won’t regret making this transition. It will be a freedom, a gift to yourself. It will also be less stressful for you because you’re not just trying to do more with less time. Your staff and your patient community will thank you for it. You will be of better mind and body by carving that time out for yourself as the business owner. I promise you won’t regret it.

That’s my tip for you: Create more time for yourself by giving up some patient care and spending more time running your business instead of doing your business.

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About Diane Crecelius

Diane Crecelius is a physical therapist and founder of a multi-million-dollar, multi-location practice with well over 3,000 visits per week and 200 staff! In the past several years, Diane has worked tirelessly to support the Peds-A-Palooza group and the success of Private Practice Owners. Diane has presented at nearly every Peds-A-Palooza live and virtual conference since the first sold-out conference in 2018. Her extensive knowledge derives from her decades in practice and from being trained and consulted by Survival Strategies, Inc. She uses this training to help Private Practice Owners learn how to thrive and expand while keeping their stress low.