PALOOZAversary “Flourish!” Conference Success: Like a B12 Shot in the Arm for Private Practice Owners

There was magic in the air as Pediatric Private Practice Owners and staff jammed a sold-out conference hall to attend the three-day “Flourish! 2022” management conference hosted by Peds-A-Palooza™ Community & Conferences. Attendees from all over the country packed the hall at the Hilton in Orlando, Florida, from the 7th through the 9th of October. We rocked the house!

The conference reenergized attendees!

Survival Strategies Inc., the sponsor, the staff and I welcomed a spectacular group of Pediatric Private Practice Owners and their staff. We celebrated our anniversary and shared the knowledge these owners needed to flourish. We know flourishing these days is tough, but we also know that the right knowledge, technology and wisdom can overcome the steepest barriers.

I hope you were there! If you weren’t, I’m going to cover these phenomenal sessions so you get the flavor of the event. I know that will excite you about the next Peds-A-Palooza™ Community & Conferences event in April!

Tackling Top-of-Mind Issues for Private Practice Owners

Owners and staff gained insights on tackling practice challenges.

Diane Crecelius, PT Private Practice CEO, opened the conference with her finger on the pulse of the crowd. She knew what they needed to hear to go back to their practices energetic and boiling over with enthusiasm! She hit all the high points:

  • Making your front desk more effective in handling no-shows and cancellations
  • Generating a steady stream of referrals for your practice
  • The power of social media in building a strong brand for your practice

Once this session was over, the attendees were bright, clear-eyed and inspired!

Attendees learned new tools to help them FLOURISH!

Day One: Private Practice Digital Marketing Plus Billing and Collections

Digital marketing is the key to reaching thousands of new families at a reasonable cost. But it can be overwhelming when you’re getting started. We covered the basics to make it simple to get profitable digital marketing campaigns rolling, even for a newbie.

Practice Owners and staff discussed implementing their new tools for greater growth.

We then spent time on billing and collections. You can never get too good at billing and collections so we shared the most successful experiences of our clients with the whole crowd.

After that, we broke attendees into groups for special sessions addressing the specific challenges faced by Pediatric Private Practice Owners and key staff posts. By strengthening each area of the practice, we create teams that are stronger and more effective when they all come together.

Day Two: Private Practice Recruiting and Hiring for a New Era

Patrick Valtin, an associate of ours and a recruitment heavy hitter, presented a full-day segment titled “A New Recruiting and Hiring Strategy for a New Era.” Every Pediatric Private Practice Owner in the audience knew exactly what he was talking about. The old tricks of the trade don’t perform any more.

Guest speaker Patrick Valtin blew away attendees with “Hiring Strategies for a New Era.”

The audience was beyond enthusiastic! They totally got his message: You need this new knowledge and these expert skills functioning at all times to maintain a productive staff that consistently provides high-quality care without constant supervision.

(But that’s not all! Patrick has joined with Survival Strategies, Inc. to develop the perfect program for keeping a practice staffed with the best and brightest. Staffing success is not just about hiring, it’s also about retaining qualified staff, especially after they’re fully trained and integrated. Contact me to learn more about this program!)

Day Three: More Tools for Flourishing Private Practices

Day three focused on “Flourishing in Your Practice” plus the ever-important topic, “Front Desk Mastery and Control.” Flourishing has everything to do with achieving practice goals. In addition, I’m sure that you also know how critically important that front desk is for your optimum production, delivery and revenue.

The Owner Breakout Session was a smash hit!
Attendees shared successful actions for others to implement in their practices.

Then we had more breakout sessions. Diane Crecelius and SSI trainer Venessa Guerrero guided owners through a brainstorming session that addressed how expansion barriers could be overcome. The staff had their own separate breakout session to tackle their issues; this was led by seasoned SSI trainers and staff. The dynamics of these sessions were electrifying!

Networking, Pampering and All That Orlando Offers

At Peds-A-Palooza™ Community & Conferences, we always plan conferences in destinations that are restorative as well as suitable for learning and networking. “Flourish! 2022” was no exception. Each day began with “Yoga for Every Body” classes with Jessica Hatfield, OT, CEO, Private Practice Owner and registered yoga instructor, to get attendees limbered up and ready to learn.

We chose Orlando specifically for all the fabulous venues in this town, such as Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Florida. The Hilton’s services and amenities were sublime, too.

It’s hard to choose from the hundreds of fantastic restaurants in the city! One of our favorites is Estefan Kitchen Orlando. It’s got fantastic food, fabulous music and a conga line that will have you up and moving!

If you missed this conference or just want to soak up some wisdom and experience, check out our Peds-A-Palooza™ Community & Conferences Knowledge Center. There are so many tools available to get your numbers moving up right now.

Here we all are–happy and excited about the future!