5 Reasons Private Practice Owners Need Management Training to Succeed

It’s just a fact. You need management training to make your pediatric private practice a lasting success. You went to school and gained the clinical skills you need to help kiddos—but school didn’t also train you to be a CEO, did they? 

It’s not the fault of the curriculum. Their focus was on pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy skills. It’s very also likely that utilizing these skills was your entire focus the first years you were in practice. 

But now you have your own practice. Now, you’ve got the tough decisions to make about hiring, firing, finances, property management, leading and inspiring a team, dealing with competitors, and all of the myriad questions about production, administration and liabilities. 

Now that you’re the boss of your own practice, it’s time. You need to learn the technology of managing a successful practice. The better your administrative skills, the easier and smoother your expansion will be. Not only that, it will be so much easier to overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles you encounter. 

Management Training Advantages for Private Practice Owners

I assure you, you need to consider management training as an investment that will pay off big time. Here’s why. 

1. Management has its own technology. You can’t expect yourself to make all those decisions flawlessly if you haven’t gotten the training you need to become an expert CEO, can you? After all, you wouldn’t expect an MBA to walk into your practice and start treating kiddos, would you? No, because they don’t have the right skills. To be a successful CEO, you need the right training. And having an MBA isn’t the solution because it’s not specific to private practice management which has its own principles and systems.

2. You’re the CEO. It’s your practice and its success is fully in your hands. No one is more responsible for its success or failure than you are. Therefore, you need to be just as competent as its CEO as you are a clinician. That actually requires training. Thinking you can pick up the skills on the job will cost you many thousands of dollars and take many years. 

3. You’re the leader of your team. They count on you to expertly steer the ship so that the practice and their jobs are safe. They also count on you for leadership and inspiration. Leadership isn’t something most people are born with. The principles of good leadership can be taught but you have to pursue the right training. With good leadership, your staff will respond with loyalty and their best production. 

4. You’ll gain the ability to make the right decisions. Successful business people, the ones with a track record of making right decisions, very seldom became successful without training. I’m sure you’ve already experienced the thousands of decisions you have to make to open a pediatric private practice and keep it open. Maybe you’ve already felt the pain of making the wrong decisions. (We all have!) Get yourself and your team management trained and you’ll see how your decisions and theirs will not only be right way more often, but will also drive the expansion of your practice. 

5. Webinars and conferences aren’t enough. They’re a great start and definitely excellent inspiration. We host plenty of these at Peds-A-Palooza Community & Conferences and we see plenty of people learn to expand their practices. At some point, however, you need to step up to the role of being a trained and effective CEO. That’s going to take some instruction, application, correction and refinement. When you’re done, you just might wonder why you waited so long. 

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