Why Consulting May Be THE Thing That Helps You Find Success

I’m Nancy Mura, the founder of Peds-A-Palooza Community and Conferences. For those of you that know, it’s a Facebook group, and it’s filled with Pediatric Private Practice Owners. You can join our group from here. If your practice isn’t pediatric, I want you to contact me and join our other group, the Private Practice Network for adult outpatient PTs. 

But here’s the thing I want to talk to you about: People ask me all the time, “Why consulting? Why should I consider consulting? Why should I spend the money on consulting, and having a one-on-one relationship with a consultant who comes in and helps me? Can’t I figure this out by asking questions, reading books, following along, and joining other Facebook groups?” 

Well, the short answer is no, not really, and I’ll tell you why. You guys have gone to school to become the absolute best clinicians that I’ve ever seen. This profession is so worthy of support, and it’s worthy of stability and expansion because the more it stabilizes, the more it expands and the more people you help. It’s that simple.

You Didn’t Train to Be a CEO… Yet

So when people ask me, “Why consulting?” Okay, so you’ve gone to school, you got your degree, you’ve got these great letters after your name, but you didn’t learn how to be a CEO. It’s that simple.

So a lot of times when you talk to people who have been in practice for ten years, they have made a lot of very costly mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes wind up being actually quite deadly in the arena of private practice.

I speak to more than seventy owners a month, and I gather a lot of data about you Practice Owners and a lot of it is the same. A lot of the stuff that keeps clinic A’s owner up at night also keeps clinic B’s owner up at night. It’s things like revenue, profitability, gossip, staff being undermining, no-shows and cancels, and your front desk. Really, all this worry means is that your practice just isn’t run with the efficiency that it could have.

I know that your intention when you opened your practice was not to struggle, really, it was to make life easier for yourself, your staff, and hopefully your family. And then you found out that might not really be the case. It might actually be harder, and you’ve got an extra bunch of mouths to feed now, and sometimes, that can be a bit daunting.

The Purpose of Consulting

Consulting puts order into an area where there’s chaos. Many people think that chaos is just part of the business, but it doesn’t have to be. There are people that we’ve trained and consulted that literally run their businesses from other states, and I don’t just mean from other states. I mean they’re poolside in other states for a month. Like “I’m just going to take my whole family, three generations, and stay at a resort in Hilton Head, North Carolina, while my practice runs itself.”

That freedom means they’ve achieved peace of mind, profitability, more kiddos helped efficiently, and more patients helped efficiently. Whether you’ve got an adult, outpatient, or Pediatric PT Practice, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the order going in, the chaos getting the heck out. You should be able to look at your books and see exactly where you’re going, where you were, and are you close to what your ideal scene is.

What’s an ideal scene? That’s the exact way that you pictured how this practice of yours was going to look. What we help you figure out is how close to the ideal scene you are or how veered off you are. Then we just pull you, day-by-day, step-by-step, closer to your ideal scene. That’s why consulting is really super important.

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